Amy Brett

Amy is a non-fiction writer based in South London where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She's published her debut memoir, Twenty-four Plus Six, with Cranthorpe Millner. Her book tells the story of the terrifying roller-coaster ride she was suddenly flung onto when her baby arrived only twenty-four weeks and six days into her pregnancy, and was immediately rushed to intensive care

Amy has written for the Early Birth Association and Bliss. Her Blog, Life of a Preemie Mum, draws upon her Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge, tackling difficult ethical, moral and social questions about prematurity. Her posts discuss the crazy, terrifying, heart-wrenching parenting moments that life becomes filled with when you become a mum to a premature baby (preemie). 

In 2020, Amy helped her eldest daughter write a children’s book called My Very Little Sister and the Very Big Story. It’s now available across the UK for the 100,000 families whose babies are admitted to neonatal care each year.

Before giving up paid work to look after her children full time, Amy established a charity in Peru and went on to hold several leadership roles in UK charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support and Victim Support, where she was Head of Volunteering.

Alina Brett

Alina is now 7 years old and lives with her mum, dad and little sister. She had a pretty normal life until June 2019 when her sister was born 15 weeks early. She was then suddenly thrown into a foreign world of hospitals, ventilators and incubators. Even when her sister eventually came home after 5 long months in hospital, Alina had to live with the constant fear of her getting sick again. It took until March 2020 for her to regain some semblance of stability and normality, and then Covid hit the world. 

In some ways lockdown was the last thing she needed, but, on the flipside, being shut within 4 walls made tempers fly and allowed her to let out emotions that had been bottled up for months. My Very Little Sister and the Very Big Story was born from this expression of Alina's feelings. 

When she's not writing books or planning fundraising efforts, you can often find Alina reading the Dragon Realm Series or making complicated Lego models. She loves baking cakes and biscuits, jumping on her trampoline in the garden, and playing with her little sister.