Early Birth Association

The EBA is a registered charity run by a group of volunteer parents and family members who have had premature or unwell babies. They provide practical items for babies and parents on neonatal units to make their hospital stay more homely and comfortable, as well as funding vital life-saving equipment and research. Please visit their News page to get up to date information on what they're doing.

As a family, we feel greatly indebted to the EBA for all the support they gave us in Brighton. Our NICU journey across three other baby units made us appreciate just how important the EBA's work is; the hand-knitted blankets they provide the babies, the baby 'nests' they fund for each incubator, the refreshments they have on hand for parents and siblings. At the time, I don't think we had a lot of mental capacity to notice these comforts, but looking back, they actually made all the difference. They helped us maintain our sanity and well-being in an unbearable situation. And most importantly, they brought some normality to the crazy world Alina found herself immersed in. She was able to choose a blanket for her sister and munch on a chocolate biscuit whilst reading a book from the little library in the parents' area.

We're really glad to be able to give something back to the EBA and, in turn, provide support to more families across Sussex.