About Alina

Alina is now 5 years old and lives with her mum, dad and sister, Anela. She had a pretty normal life until Anela was born 3 1/2 months early and didn't come home from hospital for the next 5 months. Even when she eventually did come home, Alina had to live with the constant fear of her sister getting sick and having to return to hospital. It took until March 2020 for us to regain some semblance of stability and normality as a family, but then Covid-19 hit the world.

In some ways lock-down was the last thing we needed, having shielded Anela since November 2019. But being shut within 4 walls day in day out often made tempers fly and allowed us all to let out emotions that had been bottled up for months. 'My Very Little Sister and the Very Big Story' was born from this expression of Alina's feelings.

Alina has grand plans for using the proceeds from the book to raise money for new equipment for the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton where Anela was born - incubators, scanning machines, and even a trampoline for siblings to play on.

When she's not writing books or planning fundraising efforts, you can often find her reading Secret Seven books or making complicated Lego models. She loves baking cakes and biscuits, jumping on her trampoline in the garden, and playing with little Anela.